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How Our Blood Type Is Determined.

Genes; the very reason we are. The very determinant of one’s blood type is down to genes that have been passed down to him/her by their parents. The saying ‘it takes two to tango’ can be applied to the blood type determination process because each parent brings their respective blood […]

Using Social Media as a Business Tool

  A strong social media presence has become synonymous with the modern day business. If you want to reach more people quickly and easily, as well as broaden the range of your clients/customers, then social media is the way to go. The way business marketing is done in the modern age […]

Benefits Of Raw Juices

Advertisement Juices from vegetables and fruits are a perfect way to keep your body in shape. Well, that and a lot of other benefits. While juice blenders are still a thing overseas, companies like Nutriexpress in Malawi are our new juice blenders; giving us nutritious drinks. Here are a few […]

Summerjam Gardens Setting a Standard

Advertisement Looks like Summerjam Gardens is making a comeback, this time with a new standard; a college activation series sponsored by Standard Bank. The Summerjam Gardens graced Malawians with a series of events last summer; from Lilongwe, Blantyre, and Zomba before heading to Salima for a Lake Edition of the […]


“Nothing frustrates me more when I hear folks complaining [about their country] and then you ask them, ‘did you vote?’ ‘No.’ ‘What? You cannot complain if you didn’t vote.” – Barrack Obama. One of the topics we usually refrain from, as a magazine, is the topic of politics. We believe […]


Sighting the 2019 National Tripartite Elections taking place this Tuesday (21 May), ‘Mutipatsa: Campaign’ is a familiar phrase that has been mentioned while presidential candidates campaigned. The Mutipatsa? Campaign is a Campaign that, during the days leading up to 21 May, represented and encouraged youths and women of voting age […]