Zaluso Arts: A Revolutionary

Art by Zaluso Arts

In the words of Paul Gaugin (French artist), is either a plagiarist or a revolutionary. Zaluso Arts prove just how groundbreaking they are when it comes to revolutionizing the art in Malawi. We met up with one of the founders of the group, Akulu Lipenga, and here is how the interview unveiled:

Q: What is Zaluso Arts?

“Zaluso Arts is a Malawian art collective that deals in all things visual art; such as graphic design, illustrations, street art and art shows.”

Q: Who started it and when?

“Zaluso Arts was founded in 2014 by visual artists Mac Ndalama and Akulu Lipenga.”

Q: Do you recruit artists or is open to join?

“Any artist if free to join our online groups, such as our Whatsapp group, which has about 100 artists. Although specific artists are recruited from the group whenever there is work to be done such as exhibitions or commissioned works.”

Q:What do you hope to accomplish?

“In a nutshell Zaluso Arts hopes to help make art a big deal in Malawi; we aim to help people develop a more serious attitude towards art well as encourage upcoming artists to pursue art careers. We also want to help raise the standard of art in Malawi and show its potential in improving the quality of our culture. We have many plans and ideas for the art sector.”


“We would like to work with an art collective known as Wood Street Walls. We are big fans and avid followers of their street art work. As well as Jepchumba, founder of”

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