Inspirational Person of the week – Mayamiko Nkoloma

Mayamiko Nkoloma – BSc in Electrical Engineering, MSc in Wiring Communication
Profession: Electrical Engineer/IT Specialist

From a Lecturer of Telecommunications at the University of Malawi, the Polytechnic, to a proprietor of iMoSyS – a start-up company which is championing deployments of Internet of Things (IoT) applications to enable connectivity for remote monitoring of Industrial processes, infrastructure and environmental aspects.

The firm is pioneering in the development of a smart water management system which is being adopted by water utility companies in Malawi.

Mayamiko Nkoloma is a holder of an MSc in wireless communication from University of Sheffield in UK and also holds Master of Technology degree in advanced Information Technology with specialisation in Telecommunications and Networking from International Institute of Information and Technology (I²IT) in Pune, India. Additionally, he obtained a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the Malawi Polytechnic. He is also a team leader of a project that is being conducted in the Ministry of Health – Malawi, on eHealth for community intervention which is aimed at reducing Tuberculosis (TB) cases by enhancing the current system through the use of technology to enable tracking of the flow of TB samples from the community level up to point of treatment initiation.

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