Before making commitments

Wedding season is officially in full swing now. I know, the months ahead will be packed with endless invitations to various weddings and engagement ceremonies of family members, friends, friends of friends and even those random wedding invites we get from mere acquaintances.

With this wedding fever, comes the pressure to also get married and settled which will hit hard in the months to come… well, for some of us.

But gents, before you get down on one knee with that diamond ring and finally pop the question, and ladies; before you say a big YES to such proposals, here are a few things you need to think about and evaluate to see if you are really ready for the long journey ahead called marriage (tips basically useful to anyone considering making full commitments).

1. Are you happy with yourself?

I know it sounds like a corny but it is really important that before you tie yourself to another person you are truly happy with yourself.

Commitment is about two individuals who are completely okay with themselves choosing to come together and share their lives together. So take a minute to think through the baggage you still carry. If you are still struggling with being with yourself, then you need to take a moment and accept that commitment isn’t the best option right now. You can only be able to live with someone if you are able to live with yourself.

2. Is she or he really the ONE? The old Cliche

Commitment is a big thing and it entails spending the rest of your life with that one chosen person.

So here are a few things to help you determine if the lady or gentleman in your life is the ONE.

Firstly, are you friends? Nay, bestfriends? Secondly, how many times do you laugh when you’re with him or her: the ultimate truth is laughter is an integral part of our lives so we at least need to try and spend the rest of our lives with someone who contributes to that laughter. Lastly, how well do you know this lady or gent because those little things that you may not be aware of might be the downfall to your relationship in the long run, so take time and analyze just how well you know this person.

3. Are you cool with her or his family?

Family is a big part of any marriage and in spite of all the things the world may have us believe that marriage is just between two people, we all know it’s more than that. The two families also merge and become one as a product of the marriage. So before you go on making promises to spend the rest of your lives together, be sure that both families are in total agreement and support of this agreement.

4. Are you financially stable?

Let’s be real here, we might lie to ourselves that ALL we need is love and everything works out but in the real world, there is no currency for love. So until a currency for love is introduced, money is needed.

Marriage involves many things that will require that financial muscle, so before you take that step towards it, be sure that you are financially stable.

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