The Digital Vs Print Talk

Living in the digital era has led to a growing competition between the digital media and the print media. The digital era, as most of our readers are familiar with, is characterised by technology which increases the speed and breadth of knowledge turnover within a society.

The growing prevalence of smartphones, and the wireless networks that connect them (technology, in other words), means that a lot of media users view mass media content in a digital device these days. This brings to the concern of whether print publications should focus more on the digital side for an emerging business, or keep growing the print side of the business for more profits. Or, better yet, make use of both platforms…

A good example of a publication making use of both the digital media and print media in the United States of America (USA) is the New York Times. As of 2017, the New York Times had more online subscribers (2.5 million) than paid print subscribers. Additionally, the publication’s online advertising revenue in the quarter ending September 30, 2017, rose 47 per cent to $86 million, dwarfing the $64 million it received in print advertising in the same quarter, a decline of 20 per cent over the previous quarter.

However, from a Malawian perspective, there’s indeed a need for a deeper and thorough research on which platform has a wider audience for any publication; depending on its target audience and the number of Malawians truly living in the digital world. In light of this, The Slice Magazine team would like to hear your preference and why.

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