Brand Power

Lately I’ve been searching for an article to write, something that is not forced but inspired. I’ve tried listening to music, watching classics and taking long walks but nothing seemed to work. That was until I decided to take the little light of mine and make it shine. By the little light of mine, I mean the 2 thousand kwacha I had in my pocket. I had just finished my errands for the day and decided to walk home as I always do. As I finished buying envelopes for my letters and passed by DAPP, I couldn’t help but notice their price today was K2000. Coincidence? I think not.

I got in determined to make my little light shine by heading straight to the jersey section as I always do. I remember advising a few peers about DAPP being the cheapest place to buy jerseys because they don’t change prices in accordance to the season and so I decided I was going to lead by example. Going through the jerseys I noticed that the well-known brands had very simple designs. I wondered why a tick on the right chest of a black hoody made it seem so attractive to me or why a very shady hoody was saved by the fact that it had three stripes on it? It made me wonder: WHAT IS IN A BRAND?

A plain black golf shirt could go for about 3 dollars, the equivalent of K2500, but if that golf shirt wakes up one morning and has three stripes on it all of a sudden it is worth a whopping 80 big ones. Let me confess, I would probably be the one to buy it but I still dare to ask this seemingly difficult question because the psychology behind it is beyond me. In the next few days we will go through a few of the reasons I feel we as a people are drawn to the big brands and I would very much appreciate your comments and support.

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