Checks Over Stripes

If you follow music,sports and fashion. You should be aware of the title of todays argument and to those who are unaware here is a brief summary.The title was a standout line by artist Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham in his feature verse on Travis Scotts SICKO MODE.

A song that had quite a lot going on but is remembered for the very phrase that is of interest today. In the previous introduction to this section I expressed my confusion as to why we are very much taken by brand names, sometimes even defending their every mistake and today we look at one of the reasons: CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS.

We see them coming, we know why they are there but we are still caught in their web. Brands seem to thrive off endorsement from celebrities in society. Celebrities from all sides of the entertainment spectrum. The biggest revolution coming in November 1984, When Michael Jordan alongside Nike ventured into beginning production of the air Jordan or ‘Js’ as they are so often called. From there on in, endorsements of all shapes and sizes have been rolled out to celebrities to help build brand power and the figures back that up. Here are a few of our favorite celebrity endorsements.

“Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy,
I Just jumped over Jumpman”

One of the other biggest deals has been that between the three striped style of life and Kanye West making the ‘Yeezy’. The weight of the name that is Kanye West really impacted the brand as it used a very risky strategy to win market: Scarcity.

Yes, you heard me right, they made sure the shoe was not readily available thus making it seem like a rare acquisition. A tactic that worked to perfection and when they thought about producing the shoe in high quantities, they were greeted by a staggering 500% percent increase in sales. This was despite Kanye saying slavery was a choice and showing full support to the MAGA foundation. Love is blind and the love we have for our celebrities does not differ.

Our favorite 23, Micheal Jordan according to Forbes sold about 30,000,000 shoes since 1985 with the Air Jordan XI “72-10” with 1,073,649 being the top seller. Micheal Jordan was the flagship of the endorsements because he has since been inducted into the list of billionaires for the second time in a row. I don’t think much has to be said, other than ‘Well deserved Mr. Jordan’.
Finally, we have Riri and Puma. The Fenty goddess we all can’t seem to hate. Although we have been suffering because of her lack of activity in the studio, Rihanna has really taken the business world by storm. Sales rose 16% in America since the artists endorsement, with the company CEO describing her impact as a revival for the company in one interview. Puma had been struggling but since naming Rihanna its Women Creative Director, it has seen a sudden comeback as customers would rather snap up their retro-styles than the basketball shoes that Nike and Under Armour provide, noticeably hurting the duo.

It is very easy to see the impact that celebrities have on the sales of brand material and it is definitely a factor to look into. I, as always, would love to hear from you about whether or not celebrity endorsements do it for you?

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