Impressive Malawian Women

You know what they say about four leaf clovers. Well, here at The Slice Magazine we have decided to give you our own version of the four leaf clover; for good luck, as they say.

Since we can’t actually give you this clover; all we can do is offer you a list of four incredible women that have offered so much to Malawi and achieved astounding things. It is a Wednesday after all…

4. Lusungu Kalanga

Lusungu Kalanga is a feminist and a Human Rights Activist. A remarkable young lady that has proven that age is really just a number. At just 30, Lusungu has done so many things that one can hope to achieve in their lifetime. She has managed to cofound the Growing Ambitions Organization and she is also the co- creator of the ‘Feministing while Malawian’ podcast.

She went to Mary Mount Secondary School before going to Chancellor College where she attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science in 2009. Her work and dedication has not gone unnoticed on the international scene. She was a part of the Obama Foundation Leaders, the 2016 Mandela Washington Fellowship and Moremi Initiative Fellowship. She continues to be a voice to the women in Malawi who speak against such things like cyber bullying, sexism and more.

3. Ngeyi Kanyongolo

Not only known as the first female associate professor of law at Chancellor College, Ngeyi Ruth Kanyongolo is an extraordinary example of the lengths and heights that women in Malawi can also reach if they put their mind to it. She is well known for her work towards women’s empowerment in politics, labor and customary laws. Coming from a family of nine and being the first born, Ngeyi’s education journey has led her to schools like Kwanjana Primary school and Our lady of Wisdom which then helped her land a place at Chancellor college in 1987 to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. She later applied and joined the Faculty of Law at Chancellor College after her first year. Her contributions to the gender sphere in Malawi are many. She once worked on the special law commission on gender and law as a commissioner.

In Ngeyi’s lifetime, she has also served as president of Women Lawyer Society; Dean of Law; and as the Vice President of Malawi Law society. With various publications under her belt, Ngeyi is truly a special lady that still has more to offer to Malawi as a whole.

2. Rachel Sibande

Born in Lilongwe in 1986, the 33 year old lady emerged as one of the greatest women Africa has ever seen. As we may have observed from the rest of the women, education seem to be the start button for these great achievements. After completing her education at Our Lady of Wisdom she got selected to the University of Malawi, the Polytechnic, where she majored in Computer Science and graduated with a credit. Sibande went as far as obtaining her Masters at Mzuzu University and later became a PhD holder at Rhodes University in South Africa in 2013.

Rachel’s greatness manifested itself as she established Malawi’s first Innovation Hub and incubator, popularly known as mHub. The hub incubates and helps upcoming entrepreneurs by helping them gain access to financial opportunities; by, as well, helping them attain digital and entrepreneurial skills. Apart from establishing mHub technological company, she also established another social company known as Earth Science which is doing well in Malawi and other African countries as well. Considering that the future of Malawi is entrepreneurship, well according to popular belief at least, Racheal is not only developing herself but her nation at the same time.

1. Justice Anastasia Msosa

The first woman we are crushing on today is none other than the woman that opened the mid gates of thousands of women in Malawi, Africa and beyond. Born during the dawn of education in Malawi, in 1950, in a rural village in Dedza, Dr. Msosa has her passionate parents to thank for her education excellence. The push from her parents sent her as far as Bunda College where she was the only girl in the class of 50 people and Chancellor College where she obtained her Law Degree; after being the only girl in a class of 7.

But, for a woman like Justice Anastasia Msosa, dreams cannot be limited by the sky. She went further to take very high positions in Malawi which were usually occupied by men. She became the first female judge of the High Court before she became the chief justice. In 1993, Justice Msosa was the first ever chairperson for Malawi Electoral Commission; a position she held for a couple of years, with gaps in between from which she retired in 2015 at the age of 65. Is this not the definition of greatness?

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