A few things to learn from the 2019 Tripartite Elections

A bizzare, confusing, and crazy week that even got longer with even more bizzare, confusing, and crazy events. The 2019 Tripartite Elections gave us a week nothing short of that.

While Malawians are still talking about how they feel about His Excellency, Prof. Peter Mutharika being made President Elect of the Republic of Malawi,

we have compiled a list of what you need to learn from the elections…

1. Good character will help you win, even if you lose

Two prominent Malawian artists, Tay Grin and Fredokiss, took a chance and decided to run for a parliamentary sit this year. One got trolled, the other got sympathy (well, trolled by a few on Twitter, but it’s Twitter). A good example of “good character will help you win, even if you lose.” As, the masses say, one comes out as a more humble character, while the other is the type to tell Malawians “sizikundikhuza” in a short clip that trended back in 2016.

2. Hardwork… If you really want something, work for it

A good lesson drawn from Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima’s campaign. According to reports, no presidential candidate hosted the most rallies than the president of the United Transformation Movement (UTM). You can’t help but learn about the hardworking spirit from Dr. SKC who only needed 10 months to build a party and compete against 15 year old Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and a 55 year old Malawi Congress Party (MCP); gaining slightly over 1 million votes in the course.

3. Know the whole story, before jumping to conclusions…

The Noel Lipipa and Fredokiss feud. A perfect example. Going through our twitter timeline, we saw a lot of comments being made towards the phonecall between Blantyre City South Constituency MP Noel Lipipa and his competitor during the elections Penjani “Fredokiss” Kalua. Most of the comments were a direct distaste towards Lipipa; but noone asked why he made the phone call which was fuelled by the “disrespectful” comments that were directed towards Lipipa’s personal life by Fredokiss; particularly, bringing up Lipipa’s mother in most of the speeches that the recording artist made.

4. Professionalism is key

On the one side, this can be drawn from the character shown by chairman of the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Jane Ansah in handling the elections with all the unforeseen circumstances that have transpired through out the week. On the other side, this can be drawn from the bizzare way of asking Jane Ansah unprofessional questions by journalist, MarcFarlen Mbewe, whose video saw wide circulation on most social media platforms. Mbewe issued out a public apology but hey, it looks like the journalist has been allegedly let-go by his apparent employer; Capital FM.

5. Peace. Is Malawi really a peaceful nation?

With the violence that allegedly happened over the past days, this is definitely food for thought…

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