Sighting the 2019 National Tripartite Elections taking place this Tuesday (21 May), ‘Mutipatsa: Campaign’ is a familiar phrase that has been mentioned while presidential candidates campaigned.

The Mutipatsa? Campaign is a Campaign that, during the days leading up to 21 May, represented and encouraged youths and women of voting age to actively participate in politics by using their right to vote and bring change.

The Campaign was founded by Noel ‘Phyzix’ Chikoleka who acknowledges that he has a responsibility as a musician to send across positive messages to people, especially the youth.
“As an artist, my job is not only to entertain but to educate and make a social impact. This campaign enlightened the youths and women of the power of their vote.” explained Phyzix.

The rapper further encouraged youths to know and understand the manifestos of their candidates and make a right choice not depending on the ethnic or region of the candidate but rather do issue-based politics as we are about to cast our votes.

Apart from encouraging youths and women to vote, Mutipatsa? Campaign also brought to the table key issues of the nation’s interest; especially those concerning the youth, women, and people with albinism. These key issues include bringing to an end the killings and abductions of people with albinism; youth involvement in governance; the 50/50 campaign and solving challenges affecting the girl child.
“Political parties and personalities need to start accepting Youth and Women wholly as development partners if Malawi is to achieve sustainable development. 50/50 campaign should be maintained. Women are not there to sing and dance at political rallies, and Youth are not there for violence or praise-singers for politicians. They are both very capable of contributing to the social and economic development of Malawi.” He explained.

Apart from releasing two songs under Mutipatsa? Campaign, the project also hosted #MutipatsaChallenge that saw the youth voice out their ideas for a better Malawi; the #MutipatsaCollegeTour where Phyzix, Youth and Women Advocates engaged in open discussions on topical issues; and the #MutipatsaCommunityTour where the rapper conducted similar discussions with youth and women in various communities across Malawi.

“I would like to advise my fellow influential musicians and youths to remember that we have a responsibility to be a voice for our constituents – our fans, the fellow Youth. We need to support and endorse leaders, policies and agendas that have the best interests of the Youth, Women and Malawians in general. Good luck to all the candidates [as the time is finally here to know our leaders]. To the citizens, your vote is your power. Get engaged. God bless Malawi” He concluded.

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