Top 5 Buildings in Malawi

As of late, social media has been set ablaze by images of the new KIA (Kamuzu International Airport) terminal in Lilongwe that has been built by the Government. The comments towards the new KIA have been nothing short of mockery. With most Malawians complaining about the level of architecture in this country; this complaint gathered quite the divided response.

We, however, decided to take a neutral stance and instead give people a lot more to think about in terms of this country’s architecture and below is a list of the top 5 building which prove that we are indeed moving forward architecturally.


Located in Blantyre along Henderson street, National Bank is the biggest bank in the nation with arguably the best headquarters. Built in 2012, this majestic building cost them a rumored 5 Billion Kwacha and is worth every tambala spent as it is beautiful inside out. The burden of long queues is sank due to the experience this banking hall provides.


They say you have to look like money if you want to make money, but how good do you have to look if you are in charge of ‘literally’ making the money? The reserve bank of Malawi headquarters is blessed with one architectural master class in terms of shape, design and overall stance. It is quite ‘mint’ in its appearance.


Named after one of the most influential men that Malawi and Africa can be proud to claim, the BICC is one of Malawi’s prized possessions as it features a 5-star hotel as well as two state of the art theaters that have hosted high caliber events such as Presidential debates and concerts just to name a few. When we see BICC, we are given hope. A benefit of the relationship between China and Malawi.


A project started on the 15th of September with a budget of 5.5million USD. Polytechnic Annex was the first wing of the polytechnic built before the main campus directly opposite. This structure is a marvel both by day and especially by night as the lights illuminate the building showing the towering structure in all its majesty. It is definitely a win for Malawi.


Amaryllis means a bulbous plant with showy trumpet-shaped flowers and without a doubt has lived up to its name the way it has blossomed from the stagnant building we were once tired of looking at, to this experience we are yet to tire of.

Built in the commercial city, it is a testament of a new blood of architecture.

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