The 4th Edition of The Slice Magazine is to be published under the theme ‘The Heritage Issue’.

Most Malawians, we believe, are slowly drifting away from the essence of our nation’s culture. And so, this issue, the 4th issue, aims to educate our vibrant readers about the very virtues of our warm-hearted country.

In so doing, we hope to provide a solid background of where we are coming from as a nation; which we are sure will prompt our readers into action to better the future of Malawi by fully embracing the different cultures and learning from those who came before us.

Among other things, the 4th issue has also covered inspirational articles about different Malawians including Inkosi Kachindamoto VII, who is famous for breaking off 850 child marriages in Dedza, a district for which she is a paramount chief. Wondering if she is our cover star? Well, hope you can keep a secret… but, no.

With an entertainment industry that’s slowly growing, the 4th issue has also covered a lot of articles about major acts in the entertainment industry – and whether ‘expensive’ festivals are a good idea or not.

The Slice Magazine team has also strived to make sure the audience for the magazine grows – and so, we’ve ensured ways to get our copies in most places across Malawi. In that spirit, we hope you get yours in due time.

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