Local Acts Who Impressed at the Nyasa Music Festival

“When the lights shut off, an artist’s dream is that their work will stand the test of time. The ones that influence the culture are the ones we remember most.” – Kendrick Lamar.

The Nyasa Music Festival, like most festivals, was a chance for Malawians to see international artists perform for the fans they have on this part of Africa. At the same time, we get to witness the local talents the warm heart birthed; improving the Malawian music industry in the course. So what exactly do Malawian festivals – that are headlined by international artists – mean for our local acts?

Speaking during an interview with The Slice Magazine, Dj Nathan Tunes expressed how he felt great to share the stage with international acts – and later on being invited to play his set together with Dj Noxx in South Africa. “These festivals create connections for us. We also get to learn new skills to grow as an artist. It gets very motivational,” he continued. “I hope Malawians learn to support each other cause that’s the only way we can grow our industry,” concluded the award winning Malawian Dj who also acknowledged that the festival was a good statement by James Makunje and his team.

In the same spirit, The Slice Magazine team has compiled a list of local acts who impressed at the Nyasa Music Festival.

You could tell the love he has for the industry with all the shout-outs he kept sending on stage. With a few jokes here and there, BlakJak hosted the show to the best of his abilities and kept the crowd entertained.


One of the artists who showed his fan-base is alive and well at the Nyasa Music Festival.

Faith Mussa

Always proves he can do it as a one man band; but together with Mada Faziri and a band, the ‘church-boy’ delivered.


The 2017 UMP Song of the year winner proved why he deserved that award (and more) on stage at the Nyasa Music Festival.


Kept saying “show yadhula, mafana amughetto abwera?” in between every song he performed. Great performance nonetheless.

Dj Nathan Tunes

When the festival had everybody scattered around on Friday, Dj Nathan Tune’s set brought everyone close to the stage – and the fun begun.

Patience Namadingo

Talent was showcased. Need we say more?

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