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It’s been months since we last spoke, even longer since I’ve seen you, I hear a couple rumours from a couple of your people, I blank out everything now, sometimes I even question if I remember your face, But all it takes is one little thing for it to all […]

Top Malawian Cultural Festivals

  While a majority of us spend the first part of the year saving up for a Lake of Stars ticket or a Sand Music Fest experience, different tribes in the country enjoy a number of traditional festivals. As we got excited feeling all sorts of lit, as whoever introduced that word must have […]

Inspirational Person of the week – Mayamiko Nkoloma

From a Lecturer of Telecommunications at the University of Malawi, the Polytechnic, to a proprietor of iMoSyS – a start-up company which is championing deployments of Internet of Things (IoT) applications to enable connectivity for remote monitoring of Industrial processes, infrastructure and environmental aspects. The firm is pioneering in the development of a smart water management […]

The Digital Vs Print Talk

Living in the digital era has led to a growing competition between the digital media and the print media. The digital era, as most of our readers are familiar with, is characterised by technology which increases the speed and breadth of knowledge turnover within a society. The growing prevalence of smartphones, and […]

Checks Over Stripes

If you follow music,sports and fashion. You should be aware of the title of todays argument and to those who are unaware here is a brief summary.The title was a standout line by artist Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham in his feature verse on Travis Scotts SICKO MODE. A song that had […]

Brand Power..

 Lately I’ve been searching for an article to write, something that is not forced but inspired. I’ve tried listening to music, watching classics and taking long walks but nothing seemed to work. That was until I decided to take the little light of mine and make it shine. By […]

How Our Blood Type Is Determined.

Genes; the very reason we are. The very determinant of one’s blood type is down to genes that have been passed down to him/her by their parents. The saying ‘it takes two to tango’ can be applied to the blood type determination process because each parent brings their respective blood […]

Benefits Of Raw Juices

Advertisement Juices from vegetables and fruits are a perfect way to keep your body in shape. Well, that and a lot of other benefits. While juice blenders are still a thing overseas, companies like Nutriexpress in Malawi are our new juice blenders; giving us nutritious drinks. Here are a few […]